New Step by Step Map For 教會

New Step by Step Map For 教會

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面對各種挑戰和議題,教會和宣教機構需要保持敏銳的洞察力和創新精神,積極應對這些挑戰,並與其他信仰群體輕裝上陣合作,共同推動網絡時代的福音事工,達致共創共建共管 。通過持續學習、分享經驗、互相支持和鼓勵,我們將能夠在網絡世界中更好地傳播福音,讓萬族萬民一起同心敬拜。“主啊,誰敢不敬畏你, 不將榮耀歸與你的名呢? 因為獨有你是聖的。 萬民都要來在你面前敬拜, 因你公義的作為已經顯出來了。”


As is legitimate in the Bodily physique, so it can be from the spiritual Overall body; when 1 member of your body suffers, all customers put up with with it. Not one particular Christian can experience persecution with no complete Human body hurting also.

b. How frequently? Some churches observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday; some, once a month; Many others, four times a calendar year; and continue to Other folks, every year; some under no circumstances notice the Lord’s Supper.


Therefore, the Mass is the fact ritual which turns the bread and wine into the particular flesh and blood of Christ. The priest alone beverages the wine, as not just one drop of Christ’s blood 教會 needs to be spilt. The bread is in the form of a wafer, so that not a crumb of His human body ought to be missing. In solution to this we check with, “How could Christ, whilst currently being in His ideal system, maintain part of His body in His hand when he explained, ‘This really is my entire body’?”



Recognizing the phrase “church” is actually a rendition with the Greek, ecclesia, indicating known as-out firm, or assembly, we shall turn our awareness to Individuals portions of Scripture handling the body of believers. The phrase ecclesia is Utilized in the next approaches:

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在歷史上教會對於現代教育制度的出現有重要的推動作用,修道院就有教育及研究的職能,於中世紀至近代培養不少哲學、科學家,如阿奎那、孟德爾、聖賀德佳,並於大學任教(見道明會、耶穌會等修道人員),中古大學就以此為基礎所建立。 教會組織[编辑]

基督新教的教會常常在禮拜天的禮拜以外有其他的週間的小型聚會,稱為團契,或者查經班。 婚姻與家庭[编辑]

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